Car Engine Oxy-Hydrogen Cleaning Machine

Group Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Update Time 2019-08-21
Item specifics
FuelsWater and Electricity
Clean WayBurning
Shipping PackingWooden Carton
SpecificationCE and iso9000
Cleaning EffectImprove Engine Power by 20%, Save Oil by 15%
ODM1 Set
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HHO, the independent brand owned by KingKar, has 9 technologies design, 186 production steps, 3years technologies research and development, 58 peoples technical support and 16 technical engineers.

 With the rapid development of global auto industry, the requirement of auto maintenance is keeping growing and auto carbon clean has become rigid demand. HHO already has more than 400 customers and they are in over more than 50 countries.

What is HHO carbon clean machine for car?                                              

We are professional manufacturer of carbon clean machine; This machine is an Energy Saving and no pollution product. It consumes water and electricity, electrolyze water into H2 and O2, we can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing acetylene or natural gas or other fuel. There is no pollution, no harmful gases or chemical additives to harm you. This type model is customized as clients' different Gas output demand.

HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine:

Oxyhydrogen Machine can removal carbon deposit in auto engine with it catalysis principles. HHO Carbon Clean Machine has higher safety precautions and innovative uses HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent based on oxyhydrogen technology. The newest technology makes the effect more obviously.

HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent:

HHO carbon cleaner agent is a non-corrosive, nonflammable, entirely safe liquid. It's not only enhances the carbon clean effect in three-way catalyst and exhaust pipe but also protects the engine parts and extending the engine life as well.

Three major advantages of HHO Engine carbon cleaning machine:


1. Safety:

HHO Carbon Clean Machine is the pioneer of oxyhydrogen energy application and has the most advanced technology in the world. 14years research, it has 10 safety guarantee system: anti-fire system, water level sensor system, radiator system, anti-corrosion system, antistatic and conductive system, vibration sensor system, pressure measurement system, electromagnetic system, pressure relieving system, constant temperature system. The ten safety guarantee system ensure in the round security. Up till now, accidents control as zero accidents.

2. Eco-friendly:

Due to the shortage and urgent requirement of energy conservation, each country is currently promoting the green energy-saving. "Going Green" is no longer just a slogan, but a lifestyle trend. HHO Carbon Clean Machine is born at the right moment. HHO Carbon Clean Machine uses water as fuel to removal carbon deposit to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.

3. Easily use:

HHO Carbon Clean Machine adopts easy design and provides foolproof instructions to the new users. You just do nothing and wait for nearly 20 minutes, engine carbon cleaning is done. The fool type operation is simple and there is no chance of error. (Contact Us Obtained Detailed Steps and operating Video)

HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0 Reaction Principle       


Principle 1: Cell Reaction

Anode reaction: 4OH - 4e- = 2H2O + O2 ↑ (OH- from the ionization of KOH)
Cathodic reaction: 2H ++ 2e- = H2 ↑ (H + from water ionization)

Principle 2: Water hydrogen circulation principle
(You can send message or contact us online to get details information)

The Patent and Certification         


Kingkar, is the earliest R & D team of electrolysis water hydrogen oxygen equipment in China. It is also the pioneer of oxyhydrogen energy application and has the most advanced technology in the world. Kingkar have 10 patents and 6 utility model patent certificate! At the following, we introduce one patent used in carbon cleaning.

Patent: One device of anti-backfire

Apply 18th floor wet application of the device, in front of a nozzle. Ensure that in the case of improper operation, to protect the operator and the normal operation of machinery. 

The Package and Storage             


1. Package: Host for wooden packaging. On a non-inverted, the box on its side, is ready to clear the flag.

2. Handling: In the four corners of the host machine body is provided with a standard flat rings, the rings are tightened before moving to check, after loosening if needed tightening to handling, transport should meet the lifting device or truck using lifting requirements were handling.

3. Transport: This device uses land and sea. When land transport, loading crates should be noted on the sign, the requirements of the box can not be upside down, on its side and tilt too much. Also including loading the appropriate protective measures to prevent moisture during transport, by vibration and shock. To comply with the relevant norms when shipping.

4. Storage: Equipment should be stored in dry, ventilated, non-corrosive media, vibration-free interior.

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