Fuel System Cleaner Worth it? (Injector Cleaner Guide)

Time: 2018-11-01

How many times have your mechanic recommended you fuel injector cleaner? I bet this happens a lot and you might wonder if fuel system cleaners are ‘snake oil’. Does injector cleaner really work? Today we try to find out.


What does Fuel Injector cleaner do?

Injector cleaners are basically solvents that help clean out the fuel pathways. These bottles of fuel system cleaners are poured into the fuel tank. They start working to clean the entire fuel system by dissolving the gum and other residue collected in the fuel lines.

Fuel injector cleaners are combustible solvents, therefore they are burnt off in the engine while it’s running.

Three of the most common ingredients in the fuel injector cleaner are polyether amine, polyisobutylene, and polyisobutylene amine. Let’s understand why they are added.

Polyether Amine: Polyether amine is used for both petrol and diesel applications. It is said to reduce misfiring and knocking from the engine. It’s also effective in removing excess moisture from the fuel line. This chemical really helps when there is old gas in the fuel tank that’s just blocking the fuel line and not burning.

Polyisobutylene: Like the Polyether amine, the Polyisobutylene also has similar cleaning qualities. In fact, both of them are quite close in chemical composition. Most injecter cleaner companies label it as ‘PIB’ on their products.

Polyether amine (PEA): PEA is added to the injector cleaners so that it can dissolve solid deposits in the fuel lines. Solid deposits can clog up the fuel system and this reduced the drivability of the car. Reduced fuel delivery could also increase the chances on knocking. This is a much stronger chemical than the previous two, therefore adding too much of it can cause problems too.


Does Injector Cleaner really work?

While fuel injector cleaners have been in the market for decades, we couldn’t find any published study by a scientific research institute. However, it’s safe to say that fuel system cleaner do actually work. But, only if used correctly.

If the deposit buildup is too much then sure, regular pour-in injector cleaner solvents won’t be effective. That’s because there are many laws and regulations that don’t allow companies to retail harsh chemicals openly.


In case of severe depositing and injector clogging, hho carbon cleaner machine is most effective.

HHO carbon clean machine, clean engine in 20minutes without disassemble.

Uses water, electricity and cleaner agent to keep vehicles in best performance:

1) Reduce noise 20%

2) Speed up quicker

3) Horsepower increase 20%

4) Emissions reduced 72%

All users can see the clean effect by eyes immediately, this makes sure 100% users satisfaction.

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