Carbon Deposit is the pain of Breathing

Time: 2018-09-29

Do you know the car can get cold actually?  When you come to the car repair shop, the worker man will tell you the real words,but no any meanings.

Now, Let us talk about the Carbon Deposit!

We all know, During the original time, the oil is not very pure, Cause it has many impurities, need to refining, so can pure to petrol. If the engine want to work well, it need to  work with petrol and Air mixture, After booming to promote the piston. So you think it is over??  No, they are so stubborn,  Cause the main use of petrol is to combust the carbon and hydrogen. The hydrogen element is a hyperactive boy, give him a little fire can work. Then remove out with the oxygen. And the carbon?? Stupid and black. Not only no Color value, but also no Backstage.

Do you why carbon deposit form?

Due to the time and the air is limited during the combustion, can not reach the temperature and oxygen it need. So there are many waste be reserved. And this is carbon deposit. This feeling like when you are eating, the dishes is over.  The rice be wasted.

The engine has many Cylinders, and the status is all different. When the car Stalled, there is few petrol is reaction too late, so has been Volatile. But also have some wax and grease can not volatile. They will stick on anywhere of the car. After high temperature, form to carbon deposit. Another reason is the other Random impurities and some things flow into the cylinder, After combustion, form to carbon deposit.

If the carbon deposit is too much in your car, What is the result?

It is said that the common places of carbon stick are: 1.Fuel injector(the carbon can Clogged it, will affect the working efficient).  2.  Air inlet(if it clogged by carbon,the petrol into the engine will less than before.)  3.Cylinder (due to the Mixed uneven and the less petrol, the carbon deposit also give him a obstacle,) At last, the energy will be less , you will feel after you Step on the accelerator, the engine also no power.


The most embarrassing is the carbon stick on the spark plug, Was blocked by the electrode, your car maybe can not start.

Are you find the car is similar to people? The more carbon in the car, like your car’s Upper respiratory tract has been infected. Commonly known Cold!!

What should you do??


Of course, Use the Simple and crude way! Make a Great care to your engine,Remove the wash. But this is complex way, So clever person provide a good , Gentle and easy way.

Use the HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine!!

No additive, no harm to the car. And can solve all questions above. And also you will have a huge profit!!  Carry on the following:

1.Not only getting benefits from selling machine, But also getting benefits from selling hho cleaner agent.

2.Not only remove carbon deposit thoroughly, but also protect the carbon deposit form again.

3.Long time continued business model.

Clean on car need consume one bottle of HHO cleaner, so they have to buy the hho cleaner from you as long as the operate the machine. you can get benefits USD6 from selling one bottle HHO cleaner.clean 5 cars per day,you can get USD30,USD900 per month,USD10800 per year, if you have two machines, three machines……


Join us!!  Make money together!

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