Erosion behind

Time: 2018-09-28

Have you ever thought that a good car will no longer win the eye on a certain day in the future; have you ever thought that your car will not stand the repression of time, there is no initial momentum. No matter how good the car is, it will not sound good, and it will also create a pile of scrap iron.

Many times this result is caused by just not paying too much attention to details. The global warming trend has now risen significantly and has become more and more degrading. There are many “manipulators” behind it. One of them is the “controller” acid rain that affects the global environment.

Make a good shot:

1. Car paint: Acid is corrosive. Acid in the rain can damage the paint surface of the car, so special care must be taken to protect the paint surface of the car. The simplest is waxing. In order to prevent the paint fade aging.

2. Indoor disinfection: In the golden season where various bacteria multiply and reproduce, special attention must be paid to antibacterial work in the vehicle to keep the indoor environment clean and tidy.

3. Air filter: The car’s air filter is equivalent to the person’s nose. Its role is to filter out the sand and suspended particles in the air. Air filters are easy to plug. At this point, the engine seems difficult to start, powerless, idle and stable. Replace the air filter of an ordinary car every 5000 kilometers. This is to protect the engine.

4. Check if the engine oil is defective and add it in time; check the chassis for leaks or leaks; check the tire pressure, tread wear or loose nuts. If you feel that you are inclined to run or hit the pendulum, you must go to a repair station for a four-wheel alignment or a dynamic balance check. Early detection and other undesirable phenomena can affect your driving.

This may not be a good answer, but it is as much as possible to reduce the trouble caused by the acid rain this destroyer to the owners. Reduce the damage of acid rain and make your car better protected.


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