What do you ignore in the car interior cleaning and maintenance?

Time: 2018-09-15

Dashboard cleaning needs careful

A very important part of the interior of a car is the instrument panel that each driver will directly face. The degree of cleanliness of the car directly affects the visual perception of the overall effect of the car’s internal environment. Due to the complex structure, many corners and corners, it is difficult to clean all kinds of switching instruments.

A little attention to the dashboard reveals that there are only a few areas that can be cleaned with only rags and sponges. The “special tools” are required for these gully areas. In this case, the “special tools” designed by the company can come in handy. A variety of different thicknesses of wood chips or rulers, repairing its head into oblique triangles, rectangles, or pointed shapes, etc., and then cleaning it in clean rags to clean the gully is the most ideal, both to improve the cleaning The effect, while not causing damage to the cleaned parts.

Brake maintenance

The inspection of the brake system focuses on the amount of brake fluid and confirms whether the baseline of the storage tank has been reached. Brake fluid is more likely to fail when compared to the previous inspection. The leakage of the brake line also requires close attention. The clutch is equipped with a clutch. This also requires attention to the amount of liquid.

If the number of fluid decreases and air enters, the brake cannot be applied. Therefore, the most important thing to pay attention to the maintenance of the brake system is the brake fluid. If the fluid volume is insufficient, the air will enter and the brake will become insensitive. In addition, check the clutch, try to step on the pedal, check the breakpoint, and if the contact is poor or the exact point is off, you need to repair it.

Carpet cleaning techniques

The carpet that is most likely to get dirty in the car is a carpet cleaner. If a vacuum cleaner with a brush head is used for vacuuming, the dirty carpet can look less dirty. For dirtier carpets, special detergents can only be used. Generally, before the detergent is used, the above two dust removal operations are performed, then an appropriate amount of detergent is sprayed, the brush is used for cleaning, and finally the excess detergent is wiped off with a clean rag, so that the washed carpet can be both It is as clean and soft as before.

The most important thing to note is that the carpet should not be completely soaked in the water to wash and wash. On the one hand, it will destroy the adhesion of several layers of different materials inside the carpet. On the other hand, the carpet will not dry out for a long time and will affect the use of the carpet. Internal humidity.

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