Great cooperation with Tyre House Group in Sri Lanka

Time: 2018-09-07

On the 122nd Canton Fair on 17th, Oct, 2017, in China, we first time met Mr. Rohan and Mr. Kumar from Tyre House Group, specializing in tires in Sri Lanka for over 30 years with great reputation.

They found our HHO6.0 carbon cleaner this new technology has great potential market in Sri Lanka, where vehicles emission tests are required by government, and the existing chemical carbon cleaning method takes several hours with complicated operation by hands.


After their return to Sri Lanka, they did detailed marketing research and kept contact with Kingkar about cooperation details.

On 04th, Dec, 2017, they came to China visit Kingkar factory and confirmed the HHO6.0 carbon cleaner order to be our exclusive distributor in Sri Lanka.


After their first order machines arrive in Sri Lanka in Jan, 2018, Mr. Kumar( COO ) start marketing all over the country. Great lunch event in Tyre House Group, Facebook promotion( Carbon Killer),

Road shows every twice a month, gathering local workshops and technicians for training.

Mr. Kumar( COO ) and his HHO team provides great marketing solutions and professional after-sales for every machine buyers.

Thanks for their great efforts and influence, our HHO6.0 carbon cleaner machines can be seen every where in Sri Lanka. Every machine buyers and clients are happy with our machine using and cleaning effect, renews car engines in 20 mins.


On 15th, April, 2018, we met in the 123rd Canton fair in China again, when Kingkar new product GOCLEAN steam car washing machine first shown in public. After satisfying cooperation on HHO6.0 carbon cleaner, they decided to build long-term business relationship with Kingkar company for GOCLEAN steam car washing machine also.

Thanks for your trust all the time, it’s our great honor. We shall provide best quality product as well as service to every our distributor!

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