How many carbon can be cleaned by engine carbon clean service?

Time: 2018-08-27

Some customers may ask the question”how many carbon can be cleaned after my car did a carbon clean service.”

To be very honesty,this question is hard to answer exact.Because every important effects may cause different results.Like the driving experience,different car condition,different road condtruction and so on.

In a ward,carbon clean service is a maintainence service to keep your car in a better condition than the original basis.To save our regular maintain cost.

HHO carbon cleaner machine uses HHO gas + HHO cleaner agent to double clean the engine carbon in 20 minutes.HHO gas burned with gasoline or diesel inside the engine with the high temperature to melt the deposited carbon inside,then the carbon can be discharged from the exhuast pipe.What’s more,HHO cleaner agent can wash all the parts it goes through,from the begining entering into the engine with HHO gas to the end of being discharged with deposited carbon together.During the whole cleaning process,no need to remove any parts to your labor and time.

It is very popular in auto service center like Kia,Hyundai,Honda,Toyota,BMW,AUDI and so on.

Here below are the methods to guide you to check the cleaning effect:

A. See Perfect Cleaning Effect by Your Eyes

B. Reduce Emission By 72%

C.Reduce Engine Noise

D.Improve engine power by 20% at least

E.Clean all engine parts

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