Only one way to be successed from carbon cleaning(1)

Time: 2018-08-15

After the 17 years stuggle, Kingkar HHO Carbon Cleaner machine have help over 1000customer doing the carbon clean service and earned successed, inculding the many country agent, like in Korea, Spain, India, Sri Lanka and so on.

Thanks for the coioperation and the together efforts, then we can get a such grades today, we are putting more and more attention want to help more customer doing the service and let end users satisfy with each carbon cleaning process.

Today we can take the backgrouds effort from our agent, hope to help each carbon cleaning customer go furthur benefit from their service.

First of all is one of our biggest partner Korea agent, once we didn’t enter into the market, Korean don’t know what’s carbon cleaning and pay much for the engine maintenance service for the engine parts cost and many fuel cost, day by day, the engine is being tear a lot when driving a long time, Korea agent see the situation and contact us to provide machine for start, he get a suprised from this business, not only let people satisfy with service, but also get a lerge number profit.

So he seeing the chance and buying more machine to promote in his market, every day he met the customer and send machine to their workshop to do one time service, he was promoting the business when our manager came to his office.

His face was full of sweat stains, and it was very hard to promote at start, so Steven also joined the promotion team. During the last day, They visited 5 workshops, 3 were ready to buy machines, and one workshop directly buying the demonstration machine. We were moved that Korean agent has made so much effort for the machine, even he worked every day until 2-3 am to prepare the information which show for customer the next day, so he created a very big achievement finally.

Failure is the mother of success, So does the efforts we put. We continue to improve ourself and machine, so it can make more people become success in their future. Most iomportant is the customer satisfaction is our driving force.

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