Do you know what’s kinds of support for KingKar distributor

Time: 2018-08-13

Last week, we made a deal with Mr.Anthony who is from the Philippines. He contacted us through Google in August 2017. From Mr.Anthony’s message, we noted that the customer is very interested in HHO carbon cleaner machine. Through the customer’s email , we found Mr.Anthony has a photo studio.He is a photographer. I contacted Anthony by e-mail for the first time. Anthony told us that he only had Viber. We introduced the product online through Viber. Afterwards, we lost the connection. He didn’t check the message online. I called him lost of time but still can’t contacted with him.

In February 2018, Jack added my FB by himself . Then he gave us a message to show that he was still interested in HHO carbon cleaner machine. We re-established the connection, but it didn’t last long. Jack said he would like to discuss this business with his family and then give the answer to me. In the meantime, we lost contact again.

Four months later, I leaved a message to Jack on Facebook once again , and informed Jack of the recent promotions. Jack was very happy after received my message and him tole me that he was actually interested in the product. So I introduced the business model again, the advantages of the HHO carbon cleaner machine, and the profit of this new business. Jack is also attracted by our HHO brand and special business model. he plan to start one machine to test the market, and then consider to be our distributor. Because become our distributors, we have the following support:

  1. Professional website building;
  2. Do advertisement through: Exhibition, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Made in China, Alibaba, etc. Especially advertisement focus on customer local city or country
  3. Forward all the new inquiries and sell only through Distributor.
  4. Successful case: offer the successful business model, which is including the business way,

business success video and etc;

  1. Free advertising material, including catalogues, posters, poster display, even video design;
  2. Technical training or supports for maintenance;
  3. Maintenance machine offered freely.


Now KingKar looking for the distributor in the global world. Join us, let’s make money together.

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