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Time: 2018-05-25

How are you? Friend.

Did you check our pictures of the hotsale season- Canton Fair?


These days after we end the Canton Fair, we get many market feedback, and also develop many new country market, expecially in Africa and Europe, here is a story of our customer from Europe.


He not deal with the car service business, he just have many friends which doing this business now, after come to our booth and check the machine, he feel very interested about the machine and this technology. This is all because of the business model of become the agent of HHO.


HHO Carbon Clean machine make the profit with machine and cleaner agent together, he just start as the service by he ownself, and he not choose start as his friend’s workshop, because the workshop will attract the customer, and he cannot control. So he buying two machine by air, and ready to do market after test machine, the feedback is very well.


All the details of machine he already checked very well in the Canton Fair, including the aftersale service, warranty and the machine quality ect, he is very amazed by the service from Kingkar, because we provide the the lifetime warranty, all the easy broken parts will send him free 10 years. As we all know, no matter heavy equipment or the small parts, the manufator will not promise the customer such service. He feel very reliable and confident from Kingkar.


We want to support all of our customer doing the better and better business, so no matter the machine or the service we will provide the best for our customer, so if you still hesitate about this business, you can totally believe us, we want to doing the long time busineseship with you rather than the one time business!!!!

(Canton Fair with many Exclusive agent for memory -KINGKAR20180415)

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