The original factory tire is usually the best, Do not change easily.

publisher: KingKar
Time: 2018-04-19

A lot of car drivers, the first thing after buying a car is to change tire and wheel hub just because the colorful wheel hub is gorgeous and new tire is more safety.

Choose a brand and spend a lot of money.

It feels that sometimes it’s not necessary. Why?

It can only be said that the original tire must be past all kinds of experiments by engineers, to match all your car design requirements.

In addition, the original tire is Omni-directional tire.

The design of some kind of car, fuel economy is the most important, in the case of guarantee reasonable grip performance, be sure to make it most fuel efficient and durable, so that customer satisfaction will be high, and by the way ,the noise, the tires from car original factory actually are designed by decreasing the noise.

But the tire that we changed in car workshop, the performance tire that upgrades and the noise test is unqualified.

A car driver bought a new car; he changed four tires of the original car into four tires with extremely strong grip performance tire.

After a period of time, he felt that despite the strength of the grip, the inertia of the car seems to be getting smaller, the acceleration is not as good as before, and the operation is not as easy as before.

Why is that?

Obviously this driver changed a performance orientation tire, it advocates is the grip strength, the grip good tire, what is the characteristic?

First is that steering is not as easy as it used to be, because the steering is heavier and the tires are stickier to the ground.

It will stick to the ground like a chewing gum on the ground, and the adhesion is very strength. Since the sticky reason, other functions will be reduced.

Second is that the speed is not as good as before, because the tires are stickier, so every time you roll, the resistance is increased.

Third, fuel consumption, as resistance increases, will also be increased.

First: three aspects of tire replacement relationship.

The only car parts which touch the ground is the tires, the quality and performance of the tire determines car drive experience.

  1. Security. 
  1. Fuel consumption factors.
  1. Driving feeling and so on.

Second: orientation is needed when changing the tire.

What is the advantage of strong grip tire?

  1. Better turning control performance
  2. Comfortable performance, grasp the ground performance is stronger.

There are also many functional tires.

Such as snow tires which are often used in the winter.

The anti-skid tire performance is required..

The disadvantage is also obvious, as the tread pattern is wider; the high speed fetal noise must be loud.

And then the racing car tires.

If you have a lot of curves, you will need to have a strong grip on your tires, and you won’t need a straight racing track, right? Other performance is important!

Editor’s comment:
1. The high performance tire. One performance is great and others will be reduced. It is impossible that all the performance is great such as acceleration, turn performance and the noise.
2. Original car tire from new car is not recommended to be replaced by performance tires. Original tires are the most scientific collocation. Please change them after 3 years.
3. Buying a tire. Always remember that you get what you pay for!

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