How can we reduce cost by 50%, When maintenance car?

publisher: KingKar
Time: 2018-04-16

Many of my friends will be too high maintenance costs, and feel no way. Today Kingkar tells you how to reduce the maintenance cost of your car by half.

One way to reduce the maintenance cost by half is to buy all kinds of automotive supplies by yourself and then find a type of repair shop to check for replacements. There are also many friends who go back to the 4S point for replacement.


We normally divide the maintenance into small maintenance and large maintenance. Small maintenance refers to the maintenance of 5000-10000 kilometers. The items that are “deceived” most are the oil and the three filters. The large maintenance refers to the maintenance of about 20,000 kilometers, which is the most deceived. It is the brake disc brakes, coolant and so on.

Normally, a small maintenance cost is between 500 and 1,000 yuan. The maintenance cost is less for Japanese cars, followed by American cars, and German car maintenance costs are relatively high. Let’s take the example of a normal compact car. A bottle of semi-synthetic engine oil can buy 200 or less on the Internet. Even big names such as Mobil, Castrol, and Shell are under 200. 4S shop offers more than 350, if you want to use full synthesis, you can try it. . . The most annoying thing is that even if you buy it, you will cut corners, and each bottle of oil will stay a bit, not all, do not ask me how to know. The prices of the three filters are good, because the prices are relatively low, so the basic premium is more than 300%, 30 things are at least more than 100, MANN, Mahle and other big brands are actually not expensive. Here I would like to mention that if it is intended to be used for a long time, it will not be replaced in the first half of the year. It is recommended that the engine oil be changed 5,000 kilometers or 6 months to ensure a good working environment for the engine.

Let’s talk about big maintenance, as well, accessories will basically have a premium of more than 300%. Brake 100RMB up and down, will be reported by the 4S shop up and down 300RMB, but also look at the packaging has not been opened, anti-counterfeiting code exists, after all, the brakes are related to life safety. There are also spark plugs, but also a pit, do not let the 4S shop waiter flicker about it, in advance on the Internet to understand the details. Before there was a friend, the new car did not open for a long time, issued abnormal noise, the final result is that the parts can change all, or not good, and later changed the car, but the 4S shop money does not want to retreat, this thing is also more crap.

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