When the car hit the steering wheel abnormal sound, most of these 8 reasons!

Time: 2018-04-09

After the car was turned on for a period of time, when the steering wheel was hit, there would be abnormal noise. Where is the problem? To find out if this problem is solved simply by imagining that something is wrong, we must first understand where the sound comes from. Today, I will give a detailed account of the reasons that caused the abnormal noise when steering the steering wheel.

1, airbag hairspring fault

If you find the sound is sent from the steering wheel inside, the problem is mostly caused by the steering wheel inside the airbag hairspring, remove the steering wheel air spring hairspring butter still ringing, if the ring is also changing the airbag hairspring, because the airbag hairspring it’s broken.

2, shock absorber plane bearing short of oil

When hitting the steering wheel, if it is found that the sound of abnormal noise is emitted from the outside of the vehicle, there may be no sound from the flat bearing of the shock absorber. You just need to open the bonnet to hear if the sound is emitted from the top of the shock absorber, so you know if it is the sound of the flat bearing on the shock absorber.


If the shock absorber bearing lack of oil, painted butter can be, if the coating is still ringing, it can only be replaced.

3, balance bar glue loose

If the sound is not from the shock absorber plane bearing issued, it is necessary to check whether the balance bar glue loose or damaged the phenomenon of balance bar glue loose, damage not only in the direction of play ringing, when over uneven road Will make a noise, the balance bar loose can be solved by adding gaskets, if damaged, can only be replaced.

4, the direction of column and foot pad friction sound

If you find that the sound of an abnormal noise comes from under the steering wheel while hitting the steering wheel, check the steering column and the car mats. Because the car mats installed behind the mats are too large and have direct contact with the steering column, The rotation will produce friction, if the lack of lubrication, it will have a friction sound, this situation as long as coated with oil can be.

5, steering oil is dirty

If the oil is too dirty, will increase the pressure on the power system, power pump will be heard “buzzing” sound of abnormal noise, to change the steering power oil.

8, after the lights rebounded snap sound abnormal sound

If you hit the steering switch hit the steering wheel will have this sound, that is, turn the light automatically return mechanism of the rebound clip issued by the sound. But this sound is the most normal, along the steering wheel will be a bump sound, turn the steering wheel it will appear three bumps sound, because the direction of the column has three grid automatically back to the card position, so there will be this sound. At this moment, the voice disappears as long as you turn off the turn signal.

9, help belt tightness or aging

For mechanical hydraulic booster, if the assistive elastic belt is improperly worn or aged, abnormal sound will be heard, the tightness of the belt adjusted or the belt replaced.

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