10 bad habits are ruining your car, even the most experienced drivers have at least 3.

Time: 2018-03-29

1. The clutch didn’t be stepped on to the floor


For manual transmission(MT), If the clutch  can’t be be stepped on to the  floor, it will cause a large damage to the gear.


But Automatic transmission(AT) does not need to worry because it depends on the brakes to get into gear.


2. Turn the steering wheel all the way

Some drivers choose to turn the steering wheel all the way when parking or turning around. This habit will result a great loss in Power steering pump, and also have an impact in the steering machine .

So you’d better allow some leeway .


3. Forget to turn off the light.

It’s common that some learner drivers would forget to turn off reading lights, headlamps and other power-hungry equipment after parking at night. Those small lights will be bright without the car key. Due to this kind of carelessness the battery will run out soon.



4. Wash your car immediately after a long time sun exposure

The hot car body encountered cold water will cause a great injury to the paint. In severe cases, it can even cause the paint to crack. And the most dangerous thing is that the glass may be crushed.


5. Refueling until the gas tank alarm

Car fuel pumps rely on the fuel itself to be cooled, if the oil level is too low, it is very likely that the pump overheated or even burned.


6. Parking uneven

Long-term parking uneven will result in a large gap between the four tires and will affect the shock absorbers and the balance bar.


7. The air conditioning is on when start and stop the car


If you start the vehicle when the air conditioning is on , the engine will start with the load of the air conditioner, and the engine will be damaged, The correct methods is to turn on the air conditioning 5 minutes later after starting the vehicle , turn off the air conditioning 5-10 minutes earlier before stalling.


8. Driving at high speed with low gear or driving at low speed with high gear.

This is one of the most damaging way to the engine, and will result in clutch slips or the water temperature too high.


9. Many beginners always gently left foot on the clutch pedal

Because the clutch is very light, it will inadvertently cause semi-clutch state, causing the clutch plate and clutch pressure plate failure.


10. Warm you car for a long time in Winter

It’s necessary to warm up your car in winter, but the time can not be too long. One minute is long enough, otherwise it will cause carbon deposition.

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