Do not be misled! Pull high really clean up carbon?

Time: 2018-03-27

On the issue of coke, the first thing to say is that it is normal for the engine to produce coke, and all cars will have a certain degree of carbon deposition.


What is carbon deposition?

Carbon deposition is mainly due to incomplete combustion of the fuel in the engine, or gasoline can not be completely burned in paraffin gum material in the nozzle, throttle, oil pipeline, spark plugs and other components in the residual, under the action of high temperatures, Turn to form carbon deposition. The accumulation of long-term, leading to the launch of components can not work, there is difficulty in starting, idle speed instability, power decline, vehicle acceleration weakness and so on.


How to clean engine?


1, cleaning the throttle, inlet With carburettor spray nozzle and inlet, scrub, and some do not even remove the throttle, this method has a little effect, but very incomplete


2, “playing bottle”

In fact: “hanging bottle” loaded pressurized atomized cleaning agent, the cleaning agent into the inlet, and throttle, nozzle and other components of carbon deposition “solvent dissolved” reaction, re-use High-speed engine, the clean-up carbon coke outside the engine. It is worth noting that “hanging bottle” through the exhaust system will be washed off carbon deposition, but carbon deposition is very serious, it will cause three-way catalytic system clogging or even damage.


3, the use of “cleaning agent”

The cleaning agent poured in a machine, the pressure spray to the combustion chamber, so that the cleaning agent and carbon deposition reaction dissolved, then the waste out. It is also important to note that if the coke is very heavy, it may damage the combustion chamber if it is not completely extracted.


4, fuel additives

Long-term use of clean fuel additives, although not as propaganda so thorough, but still have a role, especially for non-direct injection models. There are many online circulation of carbon deposition results, in fact, are exaggerated composition, although these things have a certain effect, but not so exaggerated the effect, but also depends on the quality and performance of the cleaning agent used.


5, washable

If your car coke phenomenon is more serious, then disassembly is the most useful method of clear carbon deposition, of course, relatively more trouble and more expensive. However, we do not need to understand as overhauling, in fact, is to remove the intake manifold, open the engine cylinder head and other parts of the engine to clean. If technology is good, it will not have any impact.


6, pull high-speed clean carbon can it?

In theory, at high speeds, pulling up engine speed and increasing intake air can flush some of the carbon deposit. However, the actual effect is negligible and can only be changed relative to combustion to some extent, which can ease the effect of carbon deposition. There is no need to deliberately run high-speed in order to clean up carbon deposits.


Finally, it is emphasized that it is normal for the engine to produce carbon deposit and can not be avoided. If the phenomenon is not serious, no special panic is required. To do some so-called blind cleaning projects, not only cost is not high, and may damage other parts of the car. The best way to clean up carbon deposits is use a new machine: It’s the only one in the world using HHO gas and HHO Nano agent together for decarbonizer. It’s used for enhancing the cleansing effect, protect engine parts and extend engine lifespan.

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