Common Fault Analysis of Automobile Oxygen Sensor

Time: 2018-03-21

1.Oxygen sensor poisoning

Oxygen sensor poisoning is a frequent and more difficult problem to prevent, especially in cars that use leaded gasoline frequently. Even new oxygen sensors can only work for thousands of kilometers. If only a slight lead poisoning occurs, then using a box of unleaded petrol, the lead on the surface of the oxygen sensor can be eliminated and returned to normal operation. However, due to the high exhaust gas temperature, lead invades the interior of the system, hinders the diffusion of oxygen ions, and disables the oxygen sensor, which can only be replaced.

In addition, oxygen sensor silicon poisoning is also common occurrence. In general, the combustion of silicon compounds contained in gasoline and lubricants generated silica, silicone rubber gasket improper use of the silicone gas emitted, will make the oxygen sensor failure, so to use good quality fuel and lubricating oil . The rubber gasket must be properly selected and installed during repair.

2. Oxygen sensor ceramic fragmentation

Oxygen sensor ceramic hard and brittle, with a hard object percussion or a strong airflow purging, may cause it fragmentation and failure. Therefore, be very careful when handling, find the problem promptly replaced.

3. Heater resistance wire blows

For a heated oxygen sensor, if the heater resistance wire is ablated, it is difficult for the sensor to reach its normal operating temperature and lose its effect.

4. Carbon deposition

Due to poor engine combustion, the formation of carbon deposition on the surface of the oxygen sensor, or oxygen sensor into the oil or dust inside the deposit, will hinder or block the outside air into the oxygen sensor, the oxygen sensor output signal inaccurate, ECU can not be timely Revised air-fuel ratio. The production of carbon deposits is mainly due to the increase in fuel consumption and the significant increase in emission concentrations. At this point, if the sediment is removed, normal work will resume.

So carbon cleaning is very inportant for protect the engine parts, even it prolong the parts life. Then when you doing this service, you can give your customer the better driving experience.

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