Why are there no road lamps on the freeway

Time: 2018-03-13

You must be puzzled when the title appears    in  front of your eyes.Because maybe you already notice it for a long time ago but never thought   about it. So why there is no road lamp onthe the freeway?

In many public roads, it’s a commonoperation  to install road lamp to givethe driver a better    view to see theroad conditions. But why there is no street lights on higher speed highways?

There are 3 reasons:

1The highway is quite safe

Relatively speaking, compared toordinary city or country roads, highways have betterprotection measures. So driving on the highway is equivalent to driving on arelatively closed road. The highway roads are quite flat, the road conditionsare good, also with less pedestrian and animals, These advantages canreduce many security risks, therefore, the vehicle can meet the drivingrequirements according to its own lighting conditions.

2Road lamps will cause drivers fatigue

In fact, you can find that streetlights can only illuminate a circular area  of  a   block, and then the brightnessof the illumination in that area is also called a linear distribution. So whenyou drive past this section of road, it is a section of bright uneven road.

Such bright unevenness can easilymake the driver fatigue, and eventually       even lead to security risks. Incontrast, the lighting provided by the lights will be more stable.


This is an easy reason to understand. For instance, the distance between two   cities inan inland city is 500 kilometers. If street lights are installed in such a longdistance, it will cost a lot. It is not only the installation fee, but also themaintenance cost. That is a bunch of money.

Maybe you will say that why notinstall street lights with high quality, such as   solar street lights, or streetlamps for wind power. But once again , that will cost a lot.

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