Why the car for a long time, the engine noise is growing?

Time: 2018-02-26

For many people, they may choose to buy second-hand cars when buying a car. After all, it is a reasonable and affordable way to buy second-hand cars. You may also buy a car that you really like, Maybe, perhaps the country does not allow him to go on the road before reluctantly change the car. But whether it is to buy a used car or to buy a new car, only to start the process of car change, I think some consumers all have a problem, that is, the engine will be bigger and bigger, so today we come Speaking about why the car was going on for a long time, the sound of the engine was getting bigger and bigger.


In fact, I think everyone’s name will not be rusty. This stuff of carbon deposits, like the thrombus in our body. A little it does not affect, but more current that is really can not stand ah. The same car, carbon deposition more, and that into the exhaust valve, cylinder edge, the top of the piston, spark plugs all received a great impression must be. That is related to the driver speaking, this carbon deposits affect the development of so many premises, then you want this car with the same new car that will have the same power, it must be more on the throttle. That must have been increased speed, the music will become bigger


Many people think that the shock absorber aging, with the car for a long time will increase the sound, what is indirectly related. This is really the case, most of the engines we can buy today for civilian use are 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder, or 6-cylinder. Really on the terms of such engines, all know that the fewer the number of cylinders, the engine’s own vibration will be more distinct, according to the more common that the vibration jitter, the sound will be reported to the car will be larger. Then such parts to the engine damping once the aging, damping results dropped significantly at present, that car can feel the vibration and the music will certainly have increased.


In fact, the car can feel the sound becomes larger, it must not all because of the aging of the engine compartment damping parts such a situation. Of course, if you stand under the car listening to the sound of the engine did not change, but that is, the car than the hours of a new car noisy trouble. At this time may be that your whole body was asked to see the noise, look at the seal on the door, if the seal is still not changed for the sake of improvement, it may need to think about whether the vehicle noise insulation needs are Strengthen it.


Nursed back to health, it may be very easy to reverberate with the engine tone bigger. Start the engine running, smooth oil will result from time to time subsided. This is because most of the oil we buy on the market now is blended, adding a material called viscosity index improver, and the effect of the sticky agent will drop from time to time under the long-term use. So that the viscosity of oil will be subject to a certain level of reduction, then his smooth, anti-wear level will be smaller, it will eventually increase the engine’s tone.


In fact, these conditions, we can easily see that some of the engine’s own music upgrade, some of the noise in the notification process noise reduction installation results subsided occurred. But no matter what kind of situation, the engine of the music once the upgrade, I still hope that partners can pay attention, after all, the results of the engine is like a human heart, really waiting for him out of trouble, money not money We have put aside, the delay must be true.

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