When you need it, hold on! When you have it, clam down!

Time: 2018-02-23

Today i would like to share one story about one great customer.

He came to Kingkar on about May of 2017, after about 3 months discussion, he decide to test one of HHO6.0 Engine carbon cleaning machine. It seems everything goes well. But he still think HHO6.0 is not suitable to his market because of the price. I had told him many times that it is value for money.

Because this is a great machine which can bring you a continuously income. It is not a one time business for you. So for a long term business, it is worth such price.

No any one businessman doesn’t like long term business. With his customers and with his suppliers, it is the same.

But is is unlucky, he is too busy with other business, lay this business aside again.

But i never give up him, and i still think there is a huge market in his market. If he quit it, there must be other investors come to us.

I keep in touch with him now and then.

Yes, i am right, he come to us again and this time, has no any more question to Kingkar, everything goes well and make a fast decision on purchasing, he also asked his purchasing manager come to us for sign the sole distributor in his market.

This article is not just a story, but it is also tell two truth,

one great product worth you waiting.

Hold on getting in touch with one great customer.

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