Do you know Four-wheel positioning can not solve all the deviation phenomenon!

Time: 2018-02-10

If the car appears deviation phenomenon, what’s your first reaction?  Choose to do four-wheel positioning.However, Does the four wheel alignment can solve all the deviation situation?

The answer is NO, the four-wheel positioning is not a panacea treatment of deviation. Four-wheel positioning is based on the four-wheel vehicle parameters, adjusted to ensure good vehicle performance and have a certain degree of reliability.

The car’s steer wheel, steer knuckle and front axle between the three installation has a relative position, this has a relative position of the installation is called steering wheel positioning, also known as the front wheel positioning. For the two rear wheels, there is also a relative position between the rear axle and the rear wheel, which means the rear wheel is positioned. This front-wheel positioning and rear-wheel positioning in general is called four-wheel positioning.

In other words, all the objects of the chassis will have a certain distance, controlling the relative position is called four-wheel positioning. Accurately speaking, four-wheel alignment is a maintenance method rather than one of the maintenance programs.

What kind of car can not solve problem by positioning it?

Original design caused deviation

The interference of the steering rod of the suspension and the steering rod will cause the vehicle to deviate. This is the reason for the original design, and most of the cases run to the right. Appear in the ordinary home car, because the front of the entire powertrain and drive train are placed on the front.

Tire pressure caused by different deviation

Different tire pressure will not cause car deviations, different degrees of wear can lead to deviation, in fact, the general four car tires wear is different, the degree of wear of the drive wheel is always relatively large. It is generally recommended to tune a tire twenty thousand kilometers, so tire wear more evenly can maintain balance.

Car body structure damage caused by deviation after the accident

This is a more serious deviation phenomenon, the structural deformation of the body after an accident, the frame is difficult to correct the damage back, the basic body data has changed, with the steering system, the suspension system position has changed.

Brake system caused by deviation.

Generally due to brake sub-pump oil leakage, piston corrosion, drum brake oil stains, brake discs and pieces or drum and shoe surface roughness and other causes will cause different brake torque on both sides of the shaft. Or inconsistent brake pad and drum brake drum caused by inconsistent brake, there are differences in contact area will cause both sides of the brake force inconsistency. Brake system is about driving safety, in case of such a situation, please quickly adjust.

Steering system caused by abnormal deviation

Car encountered in the process of moving his head, can not maintain the normal trajectory. This may be because the connection due to excessive wear gap or bearing, kingpin, bush wear caused by loose. Knuckle arm, knuckle bending deformation, the car will generally one-way deviation. If the tie rod ends loose after severe wear, the car will be out of control.

So when you want to do the positioning, please check if your car is suit for solve by it.

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