How to better maintain car tires?

Time: 2018-02-06

As the saying goes: Trinidad trip, beginning with the next step, the tire is like a car shoes, its status is directly related to the car’s driving safety. But many owners are more trouble, how to maintain the tire, pay attention to what? This is indeed a problem, many people think that as long as the tire is not broken, can be used, it can not be changed. This approach is wrong, we must learn to maintain the principle is to introduce the following car tire should be how to care.


1, develop good driving habits

Driving habits This is something directly related to the owners, starting too fast, suddenly turned to emergency braking, high-speed driving in lots of bad roads, often along the road and parking when the tire scraping obstacles and so will lead to the tire Serious wear and tear, which is also a lot of female car owners often do something, to develop good driving habits is the most direct and effective way to maintain the tire ah.

2, to ensure inflation pressure

Winter temperatures are low, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, winter owners should appropriately increase the tire inflation pressure to reduce tire wear and tear consumption. In the meantime, however, if the road is slipping and slipping, the tire’s inflation pressure is too high and it can affect the tire’s grip. Under normal circumstances, in the cold winter, we recommend the use of 10% -15% higher than the standard inflation pressure, but can not exceed the maximum inflation pressure specified in the product manual. In addition, in the cold winter, the car owners often check the inflation pressure of the tire, when the inflation pressure of the tire is insufficient, should be timely replenishment.

3, tire pressure can not be too high

Many car owners in the summer will pay attention to the tire pressure to avoid a flat tire, in fact, winter should also pay attention to tire pressure. However, it should be noted that the tire pressure will change with the temperature changes, the winter tire pressure measurement should run in the car for some time to be measured when the tire is cooled, and preferably at room temperature. Winter can be appropriate to increase the point of tire pressure (control within the specified range). Because of the impact of thermal expansion and contraction, the winter tire pressure will be reduced, if not properly increase the tire pressure, not only will increase the car’s fuel consumption, but also accelerate the wear and tear of car tires, but tire pressure should also avoid excessive impact on grip, The car’s control, especially brake effect.


4, control driving speed

In the cold winter, if the car is restarted after stopping, the tires must be driven at a lower speed after start-up due to the stiffer tires to be able to travel at normal speed. Of course, the most important thing for safe driving in winter is to control the driving speed. Especially when driving on an expressway, pay attention to controlling the speed of the vehicle, do not rush to speed up, and stop brakes so as to ensure safety so as to effectively protect the car and tires during the cold season and thus avoid traffic accidents.

5, to enhance protection and cleaning

In the cold winter before driving, should pay special attention to tire cleaning. Before driving, to check whether the tire groove covered by snow and ice, if it is, then have to clean up. If the ice caught in the groove is hard, you can not force pry digging, nor can we pour hot water on the tire surface. Can be used at room temperature tire tread surface can be, and then start the car, driving at low speed after a period of normal speed. After driving, check if there is a hard object, such as stone, iron or nail, in the tire groove, and if it is, clean it immediately.


6, to regularly remove debris within the tread

Clean debris simple, tires actually just like the fake UGG worn by the owner, which if a little stone children’s walking would be uncomfortable, so to timely clean up the debris within the tread, if the appearance of the tread Debris when driving there will be a bumpy feeling, but also for the tire damage is great, especially when running at high speed is to carefully clean and then on the road, the highway puncture is not a joke Minute minutes make you incense disappear jade.

7, emphasis on four-digit transposition

If the vehicle in the running appeared deviation, the steering wheel heavy and unilateral tire wear and other issues, these phenomena are to remind owners need to immediately locate the vehicle four wheel alignment. Due to hitting the steering wheel of the vehicle, the front wheel wear faster than the rear wheel, in order to extend the life of the tire, regular tire transposition, so that each tire wear uniform. Auto repair experts suggest that the front-wheel drive vehicles every 8000 km to do a four-wheel transposition.

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