What ‘s on your mind when you opened the hood even though you know nothing about car repair?

Time: 2018-01-09

There is an interesting phenomenon. Whether in dramas , movies, or in  real life, people       often habitually open the hood as long as the car is broken down on  the road ,no matter they     know how to fix a car or not. 

Such as:

Such as

Such as:

Such as:

All in alleveryone coincidentally  did the same thing. But have you  ever think about it?

In my opinion, there are several reasons to explain it:

1,they know how to repair a car. Open the hood to see what’s wrong with it.

2,Feeling embarrassed and confused, just need find a way to comfort  themselves.

3,To tell others that your car is broken, instead of acting silly .


5Coolingthe engine.

6Afraid of self-ignition

7Pretending you know it all to reduce the chance of being cheated by the mechanic.

8 Maybe it’s just poor contact, try to knock it to fix it.

Of course it is a subconscious action , like calling somebody when you got caught by the traffic  police ,or patting your TV when it doesn’t working.

9What doyou think?

 At last, I want to remind all of you: 

1,If your car broke down , be sure to put warning signs inthe first  place.

2,Try not tostop on the ramp.

3,If it is spoiled, do not rush to open the hood to avoid being burned  by steam heat;

4,Never stop directly on the freeway lane.

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