Mr. Kim is finding a way to clean carbon deposit harmless to engines

Time: 2018-01-03

Kim’s hobby is racing, and becoming a professional driver has always been his lifelong dream.

He runs a car repair shop in a busy town.Apart from the car repair work, he’ll figure out how to improve the performance of the car at other times.

In the process of repair, uncle jin found a common problem, a lot of car engine carbon deposition seriously need to clean up, but customer feedback that chemical reagents carbon removal method has irreversible damage to the engine, and this system to clean carbon deposition efficiency is very low. This problem has been troubling him, let him awake at night.

There is a chance in 2016, he took part in Canton fair, found a booth is an efficient environmental protection carbon removal machine, as long as a few colorless, tasteless non-toxic agent, 20 minutes can easily in addition to carbon.

He was skeptical at first, but he had a strong curiosity to find out about the factory.

At the factory, the engineer gave him a detailed description of the principle and operation of the hydrogen and oxygen removal machine, and demonstrated it on the spot.

After seeing the carbon deposition from the exhaust pipe and determined that agent was colorless, odorless and non-toxic, he decided to buy one to test it for a while.

Back at his repair shop, Kim began showing off the new addition of carbon equipment to his clients.

After about a week time of customer experience, obtained the very good feedback, Kim think it will be a huge opportunity, then contact merchants booked 10 sets, become a national brand agent.

This is the HHO carbon cleaner 6.0 from Kingkar Eco- tech, a new way to eliminate carbon, new revenue model.

Efficient, environmentally friendly, harmless, all these HHO did.

Kingkar Eco-tech, what kind of company is this?

What other magical places does HHO have?

Looking for  your inqury !

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