What are the hazards of not cleaning the engine compartment often?

Time: 2018-01-02

We know that the nacelle is not an enclosed environment because it needs to dissipate heat so it can get dirty. A variety of oil in the engine compartment will have some oil vapor coming out, stick to the engine parts and the harness, and then mixed with soil, so it will look particularly dirty.


What is the impact of dirty? First of all, affect the cooling effect, the engine surface with and without dust cover, the heat will be blocked, so the cooling effect will be worse. Followed by corrosion of the engine wiring harness and various plastic parts, sludge wrapped wire harness, coupled with high temperature, the corrosion process will be greatly accelerated. When the sludge is very high, baking through high temperature of the engine will emit bad smell and flee into the cockpit, affecting the cockpit health.


After the engine compartment is clean, where there is oil leakage, where cracking or wear, etc., can be clear at a glance. So timely cleaning the engine compartment is still very necessary. How to clean it?


1. can go to the car beauty shop to do a fine wash, in addition to the car, but also able to wash the engine.

2. Can also do in the beauty salon engine room coating, this is able to wash very clean, but the higher cost, not the best way.

3. The most economical way is to do it yourself, with a damp cloth wipe slowly, can not be rubbed with a small brush. If the car is relatively new, not an old car, you can also wash the car, by the way, it is more convenient. The car’s wiring harness and connectors are made of waterproof, not afraid of water. However, to be on the safe side, those large harness plugs and fuse boxes are best not to go straight. The point is the car can not be very hot, can not run for a long time, just take a water stop to stop, easy to damage the engine, wait for a little cool car before they can be washed. But the most easy way to clean the engine is use HHO carbon clean machine.


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