How to clean Carbon deposition?

Time: 2017-12-30

Carbondeposition produced when the engine is in the work process, the unsaturatedolefin fuel and gum in a state of high temperature produced a coke-likesubstance. It can accumulate in various parts of the engine, for example, intothe exhaust system; fuel tank; nozzle and so on. It has the characteristics ofoil absorption, will make incomplete combustion of gasoline and then changecarbon deposition. When it gets thicker and thicker will cause lots of harm tocars. Car owners should never neglect it .

1. Clean the throttle:

First, removing theengine cover and the throttle. Second, using the carburetor cleaning agent toclean it. Last, installing it after drying the throttle with a cotton cloth.

Basically, thethrottles should be cleaned after 20000 km. According to different brands andmodels of cars, the charges of 4S shop are not the same .So if we can do it byourselves will save a lot of expense! Because the process of cleaning thethrottle is simple and affordable. All you need to buy is a bottle Carburetorcleaning agent, 10 dollars to get.

2. Clean the engine

Using HHO carbon cleaner agent is convenientand efficient. It can help to remove carbon completely. Pour HHO Carbon CleanerAgent into the ultrasonic container. When carbon cleaning machine starts towork, adjusting the liquid flow and keeping it be finished in 20 minutes.

3. Clean carbon deposition the intake system :

Cleaning theintake system carbon deposition is mainly refers to cleaning the inlet. Buy abottle of air intake system cleaner! Pour it in the tank of a dedicatedcleaning device then connect it to the air intake system. Use vacuum to suckthe detergent into the air intake to achieve cleaning effect. The purpose is toremove carbon deposition inside the intake system, increase intake flow andspeed, reduce engine jitter and idle speed instability.


The reasons for the formation of carbon deposits:

1. Air pollution

2. Insufficient combustion due to insufficient oxygensupply

3. Traffic conditions (emergency stop)

4. Crankshaft forced ventilation not through the airinlet filter

5. The quality of Gasoline

6.The features of EFI car (electronic control and thenthe injection system of the vehicle itself is easy to produce carbon)


Methods to prevent carbon deposition :

1, do not idle for a long time

2, use clean gasoline

3, Clean up once after running 42,000 to40,000 kilometers


Using HHO carboncleaner machine and HHO carbon cleaner agent to wash your cars more easily andefficiently, furthermore, it’s totally completely echo-friendly.

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