When you need to change your Auto parts? Parts 1

Time: 2017-12-28
Summary: When you need to change your Auto parts? Parts 1
There are thousands of parts in a car. As a normal car owner, we can  not  understand the usefulness of all these parts.

However, in order to drive safety and extend its service life, some of the vulnerable parts replacement cycle, we still need to know!

Tire ---------------------50,000-80,000 kilometers

Replace the tire  regularly,because they can not be used for life.

Under normal circumstances, a tire replacement cycle is 50,000 to 80,000 km.

If the tire side of the cracks, even if did not reach mileage,

Or when the tread depth is less than 1.6mm, or the treadle has reached the wear indicator, it must be replaced.

Brake pads---------------------30,000 kilometers

Braking system inspection is particularly important due to a direct impact on life safety, under normal circumstances, the brake pads with the mileage increases, and gradually wear.

If the brake pad thickness less than 0.6 cm, it must be replaced.

Under normal driving conditions, replace the brake pad every 30,000 km.

Oil filter--------------5,000kilometers

To ensure that the oil circuit is clean, the engine is equipped with an oil filter in the lubrication system. In order to prevent the impurities mixed with oil caused by the oxidation caused by glue and sludge clogging oil.

Oil filter should be replaced with the oil when after traveling 5000 km .
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