What make a investor follow us from facebook to Exhibition to factory?

Time: 2017-12-26

This is one client who find us from facebook and he did the Forklift distributor with Qingdao supplier of Shandong province.

And as soon as he found us on facebook, he and his father pay more attention on this engine carbon cleaning business. Also think it is a great and booming business in near future.

So his father asked him to our booth of Automechanika Shanghai.

Please check the photo he is study hho machine on booth.

And stay with us in Shanghai for 4days. Then flied to Qingdao city for his other business.

After two days, he visit us again and check the cleaning result with car engine and very satisfy with our machine cleaning effect.

He decide to sign the agreement with us in office with one container of machines,that is 14 sets of machines.being kingkar sole distributor directly.

What make an investor make a great decision in short one month?

Then we make an interview on him,

He told us three points:

  1. After visit kingkar company, he think kingkar is a professional company and with a great beliefto work and to produce machine. From our corporation valve.they are all in kingkar men mind.
  2. He told us carbon cleaning machine is amazing machine and with a booming business model.

After see hho6.0, he think it is no any competitors machines. So he told us if can not cooperate with us, he will give up this business.

  1. the last one it is the professional team who touched him and he visited many factory, but only kingkar sales leave a deep impression on him.he think we are Positive ,optimism,be full of energy and not give up any customer.

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