How to operate a carbon cleaning machine?

Time: 2017-12-22
Summary: Steps to operate the decarbonizing machine

Operating  a HHO Car Carbon Cleaning machine

1. Start the car.

2. Detect the exhaust gas before cleaning.

3. Connect with engine of intake manifold. start the car.

4. Start the carbon cleaning machine.

5. Set time and we set it at 25mins, adjust the producing gas.

(note:cleaning is beginning and do not step on accelerator pedal of car,just waiting.)

6.Time is over, carbon cleaning stop.

7. The machine stop automatically and put the power switch down.

8. Restore the car engine pipe connect.

9. Step on accelerator pedal to check the clean results.

10. Detect the exhaust gas again, compare with the date before and after.You will find the emission has great change.

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