How magic Brown gas is

Time: 2017-12-21

What is Brown gas?

Oxyhydrogen is a mixture of hydrogen (H2)and oxygen (O2) gases.

Brown gas refers to oxyhydrogen with a 2:1molar ratio of H2 and O2 gases, the same proportion as inwater. It was named after Yull Brown ,who suggested it to be produced by theelectrolysis of water to be used as a fuel for the internal combustion engine.

Brown gas is exceedingly pure because itscombustion byproduct is only water and will not release harmful substances intothe environment. So it has been widely applied by humans.

What can Brown gas do?

1Applying to Mechanical

Applying Brown Gas to Mechanical can burn fuel more efficiently. Tosave the energy consumption, to protect environment and to decrease theelectricity cost.

Nowadays, diesel generator, LPG generatorfuel generatorSteamshipTrain are all try to use Brown Gas to reduce emissions.

2Applying to theenvironment

To apply the Brown Gas in waste incineration and in a burner willnot only improve the furnaces combustion efficiency but also inhibit the dioxingeneration. That can lead to higher maintenance costs and lower energy yieldsthan expected.

3Applying to energy

Traditional industrial coal-fired has low combustion level, low heatexchanging rate and will easily cause secondary pollution. Brown Gas can helpcombust more sufficiently to comprehensively improve energy conversion ratio.

And  biofuel is a fuel that isproduced through agriculture and anaerobic digestion. Biofuels can be deriveddirectly from plants, or indirectly from agricultural, commercial, domestic andindustrial wastes. It can produce methane. Brown gas can help methane combustmore sufficiently to comprehensively improve generating electricity ratio.

4Applying tolife

Baking tea is the final step in the process of tea production isdone to get rid of moisture. Brown Gas has variable temperature characteristicto satisfy the different requirement of baking tea.

On the other hand, Brown Gas can resist to oxidation, applying BrownGas to the field of health and beauty can help people to build fitness and slowthe aging process. It can use for Brown Gas Beauty Mask, foot massage an so on.

 Brown Gas is really a magic gas in the world, not only clean and safe,but also full of energy. No wonder it will be used in so many different areas.

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