What are the regular maintainance of car?

Time: 2017-12-18

Regular maintenance items mainly include oil and oil filter element, air filter element, gasoline filter element and pollen filter element, spark plug maintenance / replacement, transmission oil related system inspection items and maintenance.

1, The replacement of the oil and oil filter is mainly for the maintenance of the lubricating system. The main function of the lubricating system is to lubricate the various parts of the automobile engine effectively in order to prevent excessive wear. The function of the oil filter is to remove all kinds of impurities in the oil and to ensure the normal lubrication system. The oil filter should be replaced with the oil in the same time when the oil is changed. Under normal conditions, the car needs to be maintained once every 5000KM.

2, The role of air filter is to filter the air before the air enters the cylinder to remove impurities, dust, sand and other foreign objects. The cleaning and maintenance of air filter core depends on the environment. Gasoline filters are usually replaced when they travel to 20000-25000KM.

3, The spark plug is easy to consume, each 20000KM is replaced once. In addition, brake fluid, transmission oil, battery, throttle, fuel injector, brake disc and other components are inspecting items in routine maintenance. They are maintained and maintained according to their usage.

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