Winter car fuel consumption will be higher, what is the reason?

Time: 2017-12-18

To the winter driving, plus three days of oil, these two days have to increase once more, do winter oil consumption more? Why do the normal fuel consumption of a car in winter will increase unconsciously? The reason for higher fuel consumption See below to know!

01, hot car for a long time

The hot winter time in the winter is certainly a bit longer, and at the same time, the fuel efficiency of the hot car is certainly lower than normal. This is only a factor that fuel consumption is high, not the main one. Of course, if the wrong hot car, it may become a major factor in winter fuel consumption becomes higher.

Hot car for a long time

02, cold start fuel consumption more

We know that the fuel burns to generate energy. In fact, only about 1/3 of the cars are driven by energy and one third is discharged with the exhaust gas. In the end, 1/3 is absorbed by the cooling water. Compared with other seasons, Summer contrast is more obvious, that is, cold start is the time, the winter cooling water temperature is certainly lower than in summer, the engine reaches the normal operating temperature during this time, the winter cooling water will certainly take away more energy, also Need more fuel to burn.

Data show that the fuel consumption of cold vehicles is usually 3-4 times the normal fuel consumption, even after one kilometer of cold vehicles, vehicle fuel consumption is still about 2 times the usual fuel consumption.

Cold start fuel consumption more

03, the engine needs more fuel consumption to keep warm

Like the human body, we have a normal living temperature of 37 ℃, in winter we need to produce more heat to resist the cold, thus maintaining our normal body temperature. The engine is also the same, it also has a normal operating temperature of 85 ℃ ~ 105 ℃, if the temperature is low, it will inform the car computer to increase fuel injection, so winter to do some increase the car ventilation action (such as window) are easy to increase Fuel consumption.

PS: In addition, the warm air itself will not increase fuel consumption, but if the generated heat is not enough to meet the set temperature, the engine needs additional work to generate more heat, which requires additional fuel consumption . So how to use the warm air is very important, just after the full hot car to start the vehicle, although the water temperature is normal, but the heat has not yet been sufficient, if this time immediately open the hot air, it will force the engine to do passive work, heat in advance to increase extra fuel consumption .

The engine needs more fuel to keep it warm

Winter fuel consumption becomes more normal?

In general, winter fuel consumption increase than usual 2L / 100km within the calculation is normal to reach more than 3L / 100km should pay attention to whether their own driving habits, tires / tire pressure problems, if more than 5L / 100km, then the car may actually have trouble , Such as thermostat, water temperature sensor, electronic fan work bad.

Fuel consumption becomes higher

Suggest that you do the following aspects of the work will help car “diet.”

01, always check the tire pressure and wear: If you find the car taxiing distance significantly reduced, you should check the tire pressure meets the pressure standard, if the tire inflated, fuel consumption will increase; In addition, if the tire Serious wear and tear, it will often slip phenomenon, increase fuel consumption.

02, timely replacement of the spark plug: If the spark plug used too long, there will be increased fuel consumption phenomenon. Because the spark plug damage will make the ignition energy down, the car slows down, resulting in a significant increase in gasoline consumption.

03, do not drive for a long time at high speed: any car has economic speed, high speed will increase the air resistance, thereby increasing fuel consumption. In addition, to avoid frequent rapid acceleration and braking, to maintain uniform speed.

04, usually to strengthen the maintenance of the car: wheel bearings should be on time oil, reduce friction, thereby reducing fuel consumption, as well as oil viscosity, can also lead to increased fuel consumption, in the winter to use low viscosity oil.

05, reduce vehicle weight: regular clean-up trunk, do not place unnecessary debris in the car.

06, appropriate to shorten the hot car time: If you go out for a long time hot car in the morning, the engine to do useful work, waste of fuel is not conducive to environmental protection. The correct approach is to wait 30 seconds -1 minute hot car can take the car, and then while driving a car, the speed is not too fast, open a one or two kilometers, the engine can reach the operating temperature.

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