Finally, we worked together!

publisher: Jenny
Time: 2017-10-25

Finally, we worked together!


Today I want to share with you a story, which is about me about Mr. Joao.


Mr. Joao is a successful businessman, he is a great man who a visionary. I talked with him for a long time, finally we confirm cooperation relationship this week.


First connection with Mr. Joao

When Mr. Joao contacted our company on Facebook for the first time on the date of 15th January, 2016, our colleague Eva was responsible for getting in touch with him. He mentioned that he was very interested in our HHO carbon clean machine, and want to start this business. At that time, Eva has showed some information of our machine to him. But because Eva was pregnant and was at home on furlough. Mr. Joao lost touch with us from April, 2016. this is our first connection with Mr. Joao.


Second connection with Mr. Joao

On 18th February, 2017, Mr Joao contacted with our company again on Facebook. He still expressed that he wanted to do carbon cleaning business. This time, our other colleague Allen kept in touch with him. Allen have introduced machine to him, and provided the information, but no further development. Mr. Joao wanted to be our distributor and expected more details and information. because Allen is new man in our company, he can not answer Mr. Joaos question clearly. Then Allen applied for a help from company, finally, company assigned me to contact Mr. Joao about further cooperation.


Third connection with Mr. Joao

On 11th April, 2017, this is our third connection with Mr. Joao, but it is my first time to contact Mr. Joao.

I sent an email to him about cooperation for distributor, and at the same time, I sent message on Whatsapp, let him to check the email. At the beginning, Mr. Joao feedback that he didnt receive any email from me. Then I sent him several email for testing, and finally he got it. I remember I sent more than 5 emails within 1 hour, LOL. So this is our first connect.

In the email, I have provided Mr. Joao our machine information, catalogue, quotation, he is very satisfied with them. In the Whatsapp, I talked with him about the machine marketing and opportunity, He was highly agreed with it.

Mr. Joao has a very clear business plan, he knows how to start this business and he trusted our machine will have a good marketing in his country, thats why he contacted with us several times, didnt leave us.

So on 12th April, 2017, I confirmed the fisrt contract with Mr. Joao about the demo machine. But Here is another little episode about price. The price I quoted to Mr. Joao is our sales price, and in the contract it is our sales price. While Mr. Joao cc an email to me, is about the price quoted from our colleague Eva. At the first time, Eva quoted distributor price to him directly, it let me in a hard position. From the customers point of view, our company quoted two different prices, the customers may think we are not honest. So I have to explain why there is two prices offered to him. Through my explanation, Mr. Joao have removed his doubts and confirm the order.

In the next step, is to make payment. Because of all kinds of reason, Mr. Joao delayed the payment, we still keep in touch every week.

Till 12th July, 2017, Mr. Joao told me that he get the approval for importing our machine. Both of us are very happy about it.

At that time, Mr. Joao started to discuss with me about exclusive distributor details. 

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