Kingkar people learned JAC class about how to do after-sales service

Time: 2017-08-31

Do you know JAC? ? ?

Is that famous car brand? 

 No, it is a well-known trader in Foreign trade. Also a good teacher in this field.

Jac have dealing with a lot of  big customers  with good experience, like: how to provide customer best after-sales? How to  send customers the valuable information? ... and so on.

After each lesson, we will put all details we learned into practice. 

Have you suffered this situation: the product you get from your supplier or manufacture has some problem, but he told you: will make up you in the next order?

That is very simple, almost is good for manufacture and supplier. But ours is very different.

Our director manager thinks highly of customer experience a lot, here is our after-sales service policy:

1. machine can be returned within 30 days if the machine has quality problem  or no cleaning effect 

2. machine can be replaced by a new machine if the machine has quality problem or no cleaning effect 

3. every after-sales person only works one customer, make their problem solved well.

All dates begin since the the date you receive the HHO 6.0 carbon cleaner machine!!!!

Generally there is a learning chance, there is  a KINGKAR person.

Only learning makes us live longer!!

From Kingkar company!!

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