The development of oxy hydrogen generator

publisher: Rebecca
Time: 2017-07-27
Summary: Hydrogen as fuel was first used in the First World War. During World War I, the German Zeppelin airship for the use of hydrogen.
Hydrogen as fuel was first used in the First World War. During World War I, the German Zeppelin airship for the use of hydrogen.

September 8, 1944, the use of hydrogen as a German V-2 rocket engine of liquid fuel propellant air raid in London, from beginning to hydrogen as a fuel of a new era of military prelude.

Most people generally believe that hydrogen will explode mixed together, so to talk about the mere mention of hydrogen, they are afraid to use the hydrogen inside the factory. Until 1962, Australia YULL BROWN (Brown) Professor Brown made the first generator (ie hydrogen gas mixture in a 2: 1 ratio produced by the water electrolysis hydrogen generator), as Professor Brown is used that is produced that is use of technology, that is how much production number, not storage, and uses the principle of making water wet extinguishing the flame arrester, to solve the security problem. Since Yull Brown Brown personally demonstrate the safety of this generator, which makes changing the mixed hydroxide by two to one that is exploding fear shortage psychology. Later, numerous experiments show that hydrogen gas mixture under high pressure storage conditions only in case of fire or electrostatic and flame gun nozzle design unreasonable result when supply will not keep pace with the speed tempering combustion, are safe under normal circumstances a. Professor YULL BROWN Brown gas generator is water welder prototype.

Australian Professor YULL BROWN This patented technology has not been taken seriously enough in the Australian native, on the contrary, he was 52, Institute of China Ordnance Institute hired, produced by the Northern Electric generator Brown exports to European and American countries. Therefore, China is the first production of water welder. Early water welder structure is complicated, the production cost is very high, so sales are not good. Later, after countless people improve, launched in 1990 a two-barrel low voltage high current water welding (also known as water, oxygen welding) really solve the problem of water welding production costs, for the first time in the jewelry industry to promote success. Then in the field of acrylic plexiglass polishing advertising industry once again successfully obtained.

Later, water welder developed into a variety of specifications, a variety of versions, the successful application of brazing, cutting steel, quartz glass processing, water injection and other areas drawing seal. At present, China had become the world's main production base in Sheung Shui welder, compared to other countries in terms of price, quality, has an absolute advantage.

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