The leader of KingKar meets a customer come from Lebanon

Time: 2017-07-25

On June 1st, a customer who come from Lebanon visited KingKar. The Lebanese customer come to Changsha to have a market survey and want to buy some HHO carbon clean machines.


On June 1st, the Lebanese customer was received by a KingKar’s staff and the staff showed the customer around the Changsha. “It's very good to meet you all. Let me extend, on behalf of the KingKar, warm welcome to you for coming to Changsha to have a market survey and congratulations on the success of the meeting.” The staff said when she met the customer.


On June 2nd, the leader of KingKar had a dialogue with the Lebanese customer and discuss the purchase of HHO carbon clean machine. In the afternoon of June 2nd, the leader of KingKar has a signed deal with the Lebanese customer.


“I know your machine, it has exceedingly excellent with world leading technology. In the aspect of carbon clean, it has obviously effect.” The Lebanese customer said.


The Lebanese customer will have a few days travel with the staff of KingKar.

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