2017 New low carbon economy life style

publisher: Rebecca
Time: 2017-07-18
Summary: Currently, the face of the deteriorating social environment in the world is trying to promote "energy saving", low-carbon life has become a simple and stylish lifestyle.
cleaning carbon from engine Today we are saying is the latest way for use in low-carbon vehicle maintenance repairs. Now local governments and environmental organizations have been adhering to a low-carbon green line, and try to car repair and maintenance industry, actively promoting the concept of "car on a regular basis in addition to carbon, energy saving", currently including Tianjin, Changsha, Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan and many other areas of the many auto 4S shops and some repair works, all have introduced a brand new car engine in addition to carbon ways: using a high-tech automatic cleaning engine deposits of carbon removal equipment, thereby replacing the traditional way of cleaning agents automotive engine deposits.

The car (engine) in addition to traditional medicine in addition to carbon and carbon-machine principle other than carbon agent in addition to carbon methods differ, engine carbon remover it is the use of the car itself automatically generates active hydrogen gas, the nascent ultra-rich positive and negative hydroxide molecule into the combustion chamber in the engine through the catalytic effect of hydrogen molecules and oxygen for complete combustion of the effect can be accelerated, so that the engine and the hydrogen atoms inside the carbon re-chemical binding reaction, coke naturally soften and allow the engine to decomposition, after 20 minutes except in the carbon, the engine had already been decomposed stubborn soot softened automobile tailpipe emissions from coke combustion, effectively raising the automobile engine power and reduce pollution emissions.

Person responsible for the introduction of energy Changsha, cleaning carbon from engine have received the European CE and TUV, ISO9001 and other international certifications, has been exported to over 20 countries, Mexico, France, etc., and get a good user reputation.

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