A New Earth Friendly Product Come into Being

publisher: Rebecca
Time: 2017-07-18
Summary: Chinese researchers (in Hunan University) have developed a new technology to remove engine carbon deposit that avoids excessive exhaust emission if used improperly.

The new oxy-hydrogen generator named  HHO Carbon Clean Machine, developed by a research team from the School of Mechanical Engineering at Hunan University, removes carbon deposit from auto engine through chemical methods.


Professor Huang, who led the research project, said at a news conference that current technologies of engine carbon cleaning have problems and the newest oxy-hydrogen generator improve these deficiencies.


For instance, the old engine carbon cleaning may not assure that completely 100 per cent emission reduction, and some of these methods may have large power consumption, produce the poisonous gases, have a great deal of waste liquid or have pungent smell.” he said.


Also, some oxy-hydrogen generators have improved a little of deficiencies, he said.


The new technology removes carbon deposit in auto engine with it catalysis principles and innovative uses HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent which can not only enhances the carbon clean effect in three-way catalyst and exhaust pipe but also protects the engine parts and extending the engine life as well.


HHO Carbon Clean Machine is the pioneer of oxyhydrogen energy application and has the most advanced technology in the world. 14years research, with 49 technologies design, 186 production steps, 3years technologies research and development, 58 peoples technical support, and 16technical engineers, it has 10 safety guarantee: anti-fire relief valve, water level probe, stainless steel cooling fin, 316 stainless steel, imported switch, vibration transducer, pressure gage, electromagnetic valve, pressure valve, constant temperature. The ten safety guarantee ensure in the round security.


Due to the shortage and urgent requirement of energy conservation, each country is currently promoting the green energy-saving. ‘Going Green’ is no longer just a slogan, but a lifestyle trend. HHO Carbon Clean Machine is born at the right moment.” Mr. Huang said, “HHO Carbon Clean Machine uses water as fuel to removal carbon deposit to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. And specially, HHO Carbon Clean Machine adopts easy design and provides foolproof instructions to the new users. You just do nothing and wait for nearly 20 minutes, engine carbon cleaning is done. The fool type operation is simple and there is no chance of error.”


KingKar Eco-technologies Co.,Ltd supported and took part in this research.


KingKar Eco-technologies Co.,Ltd specialize in HHO generator and carbon cleaning machine for nearly 14 years. It almost has one hundred employees, including more than two technical R & D. KingKar is one of the new modern enterprise groups, respected “science and technology are primary productive forces”, setting product development, design, production and sales as a whole. After about nearly 14 years' development, they have laid a solid foundation, enhancing the enterprise's core competitiveness.


Nowadays, under the economic globalization, KingKar Eco-technologies Co.,Ltd brave to meet new challenges. In the courage to face these challenges and overcome these challenges, KingKar is also in constant progress, constantly enrich ourselves, explore our potential. They get progress and mature constantly.


With the development of industrial, they continue to improve the innovation and the product quality and technology. Equipped with CE, ISO SGS certifications and 10 patents, the HHO Carbon Clean Machine have been exported over 30 countries: Mexico, India, England, USA, Canada, Iran, Turkey, etc.


Mr. Jiang, an environmental expert at Hunan University, expressed optimism about the invention.


In recent years, with the rapid development of global auto industry, the demand for cars rapidly spreads in around world, HHO Carbon Clean Machine shows promising market prospect with its unique advantage,” she said. “Surveys of demand for car shows that, for 5 years in future, global auto market will increase markedly. That means nearly one in five people have a car, auto carbon clean has rigid demand. It not only has environmental benefit but also has economic benefit.”


According to realistic statistics, 10 cars need to clean their engine per day, that means the owner of HHO Carbon Cleaner will get income USD100 to USD300 per car in this business.


Faced up to the international market, we provide the best service to all over the world with the advantages of resources, talents, and qualified products.” Steven, the CEO of KingKar said, “ Our principle is to create value for customers, build successful stage for employees, make contribution to society. Complying with the purpose of " KingKar corporate philosophy", superior service can be provided to the consumers from around the world.”

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