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publisher: Rebecca
Time: 2017-07-14
Summary: Apply 18th floor wet application of the device, in front of a nozzle. Ensure that in the case of improper operation, to protect the operator and the normal operation of machinery.

Brown gas generator development process has not been easy. A routine inspection, Huang Renhua research team found that the use of the gas generator Brown less than two years there have been pitting phenomenon. Given the current progress of the study has reached a bottleneck stage, a conservative research methods and not on the gas generator Brown breakthrough, so the development team began a series of extreme tests.


In order to obtain accurate data on the pressure generator, the researchers conducted several tests on the generator pressure limit. In the selection generator for researchers is to use polishing no bubbles, no pinholes 201 stainless steel, or the use of cost-effective, good rust resistance 304 stainless steel, or the use of corrosion resistance, high temperature strength of 316 steel, also all aspects of performance, or use more than good, the price is more expensive stainless steel 316L has a larger dispute.


In spite of a comprehensive test of 316L stainless steel ductility of the best, even if it does not produce an explosion shrapnel flying, but due to shortage of funds at that time, most of the researchers are not considered basic 316L stainless steel, tend to use is similar, but higher carbon content of 316 stainless steel as wall material.


A limit test, the researchers found that of 316 stainless steel in the case of a sudden increase in pressure will burst from the outer solder joints, which will produce steel wall longitudinal cracks. For absolute security, the research team will eventually generator as malleable material, even if the explosion will certainly not produce shrapnel from flying 316L stainless steel, welding technology as the generator seal better, welding force strong internal welding technology, steel wall thickness as 4 mm, plus sensor and the positive pressure relief valve double overvoltage protection on the generator.


In 2014, Huang Renhua team for such a gas generator Brown patent, and use it for medical care, cutting, in addition to a wider range of fields such as carbon.

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