The early meeting of Jane: Experience sharing

Time: 2017-06-09
Summary: The early meeting, also known as "A technical seminar of KingKar", one of the biggest technical seminar for the staff on each morning.

Targeted at all levels of the staff, Jane share her experiences of inquiry. The contents of the meeting included how to distinguish the inquiry is better or worse, the problems of inquiry, how to request payment and so on.
Jane has a documentary for nearly a month, but she never give up. In the end, she deal. Jane is so passionate about her work that to her there is nothing better, which is the greatest feeling. And she is confident, active, work under pressure. She said that just do it and don’t overlook such behavior, for the employees will have competition, passion and responsibility in their work as time goes by because they get a sense of achievement when finishing a task.
At the end of the early meeting, Jane and other foreign trade clerk discussed the skills of business negotiation.

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