Interview: Enterprise culture

Time: 2017-06-09
Summary: On June 4th, a reporter interviewed Steven who is the leader in KingKar.

Reporter: It’s a great honor to be here and meet you in person. I know that you are the chairman of Changsha Trade Association and your team is quite famous. Why your team is exceedingly brilliant?


Steven: Because of our enterprise culture is solidarity. There is old Chinese saying: Unity is strength.” We believe it and we do it. You know that somebody is very brilliant but just a person, however two heads must be better than one.


Reporter: I know that your company has five other culture besides this one.


Steven: Yes, we have belief, study, gratitude, responsibility and innovation. The belief means that we are confident, so we succeeded. The study means that live and learn. The gratitude means that filial piety is the most important of all virtues. The responsibility means that all who are human, one must love, heaven covers us equally and earth bears us equally. The innovation meas that where there is a will there is a way.


Reporter: Your company has the intense affinity, has the consummation system, has the good enterprise culture atmosphere, encourages various staffs positively upward. And I hear that you are a restraint and mercy leader, why?


Steven: There is an old Chinese expression: If you want to correct something that others do, you should first correct it yourself.

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