Kingkar hho generator handling and storage

1 package 
Host for wooden packaging. On a non-inverted, the box on its side, is ready to clear the flag.

2 Handling 
In the four corners of the host machine body is provided with a standard flat rings, the rings are tightened before moving to check, after loosening if needed tightening to handling, transport should meet the lifting device or truck using lifting requirements were handling.

3 transport 
This device uses land and sea. 
When land transport, loading crates should be noted on the sign, the requirements of the box can not be upside down, on its side and tilt too much. Also including loading the appropriate protective measures to prevent moisture during transport, by vibration and shock.
To comply with the relevant norms when shipping.

4 Storage 
Equipment should be stored in dry, ventilated, non-corrosive media, vibration-free interior.

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