A successful point for you to deal with your customer.

One of my customers is now talking HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine with me.

He likes our machine very much. During the chatting, I aware he is a very careful man. Cause he is a marketing manager, Always need to make the marketing analysis, Before we discuss the business, he has already did like this. He told me the market of our machine in the local country  is very potential.

After I introduced the machine for him, he was very satisfied with the cleaning effect and the business model. But there is some thing troubles for me. His daughter has enter into our chatting, to ask me the same questions as her father said, During this time, I need to say thanks to Beyon. She is very patience for me and help me how to chat with customers. And we are work together to solve the questions that customers required. And the customer is so careful, so that everything he need to know well, the factory address, Shipping terms,even the airport….. I need to sign the order, And Beyon help me to solve the questions step by step. I can feel she is teach me: we need to patient to each of our customer whether he buy or not. This is our duty to do this well.

A long time passed, due to the problem of money, he can not do the payment. But during this time, i update many information about hho carbon cleaner machine for him to promise he is interested in hho carbon cleaner machine all the time.

And now, we got the payment from this customer,and he will take hho carbon cleaner machine to make more profit! They also said us very professional and  friendly.

Whatever you do, customers can feel the attitude from you. So we need to be very patient and professional to them. Then they can get the single of the deal!

As long as you make the efforts, there will be harvest!