Do you really not worry about car carbon deposits??

The engine’s carbon deposit in the car is a headache for many old drivers. This problem has also been difficult to solve. Car engine carbon deposition will bring a lot of consequences, start-up difficulties, idling instability, poor acceleration, emergency fueling, excessive exhaust, increased fuel consumption, etc., first take a look at the reasons for car engine carbon deposition. The following is the seriousness of carbon deposition.

1 Push the throttle:

Some pursuing stimuli or impetuous owners will slam on the throttle while driving. The car will overfill at the moment when the throttle is slammed. If the gasoline is not fully burned, it will produce carbon deposits.

2 Hot car in place:

Local hot cars are very popular in the winter. It is said that this is a way to protect the engine, so that the engine heat up and then driving can make the oil lubrication effect to achieve better results, but the local hot car will also make the engine produce carbon deposition, When the engine is running at an idling speed and the fuel burns incomplete, it will produce carbon deposits and produce carbon monoxide polluted air.

3High gear speed:

Some manual transmission cars have such problems. When the driver forgets to shift while driving, there will be high-speed low-speed driving or low-speed driving at a high speed. Low-speed high-speed driving, the engine needs more fuel to supply, in order to achieve a certain speed, this time will cause increased fuel consumption; high-speed driving a lot of gasoline into the engine at low speed, but it can not fully burn, will naturally leave a lot of product carbon.


So, In this situation, How can the engine carbon deposit be handled? The problem of carbon deposition can be mitigated through some driving habits and car use.


1High quality gasoline

The high-quality gasoline here does not refer to high-grade gasoline, but also to gasoline raised at regular gas stations. In general, the regular gas station will be filled with fewer gasoline impurities. Pay attention to the marking of gasoline when refueling,Do not change the gasoline label at will, and the computer program of the engine will be disrupted. There will be certain problems.


Remember not to go to an unknown gas station for petrol and petrol. The quality is not guaranteed. If there are many impurities, carbon deposition will occur.

2 Do not drive for a long time

The idle time is long, and the time for the engine to reach normal temperature also becomes longer. After the gasoline is sprayed on the back of the valve, The evaporation speed is slow, and carbon deposition occurs. Often idling, the air flow into the engine is also small, so that the erosion of carbon deposits is also very weak, and will promote the deposition of carbon deposits.

3 Change through cleaning carbon removal machine

HHO 6.0 is a cleaning machine that innovates innovative polymer technology. It differs from previous years’ cleaning process. It requires less than 30 minutes of cleaning process to help your car wash every carbon deposition place inside, while increasing horsepower. Keep time running fast and make your every quick start. HHO nanofluids add to the entire process, helping to clean better and get better results.


This initiative has given more than 30 countries different feedback to help people’s cars eliminate non-toxic accumulations, And hopes it will bring more surprises to more people. Also return to a best world. Thank you.