Do you have a Clean Hand around you?



Did you ever see a car go into the wash shop? You may feel like washing your car for such a long time, waiting, wasting your time, letting you worry about disappointment. A lot of time the car wash can't meet your certain requirement,.You will be troubled, But don't worry, We bring a different experience, Just need your 20 minutes!

If one compares the previous and the present, One set of data can show the difference: Before~HC 0066ppm, CO2 00.19%, NO2 0030ppm Now~HC 0009ppm, CO200.02%, NO2 0003ppm.

The late stage of viewing is much better. Changsha KingKar's decarbonizer only needs to connect a transmission tube to your car engine. It doesn't need too much trouble. Then you can put the HHO nano-solution into the cleaner. It is very convenient. easy to use.


After cleaning, the car will remove the black carbon, which will not damage the interior of the car. It can be compared with other cleaners, and there is a great harm in other cleaning. In this way, the HHO cleaning solution of ChangSha KingKar is prepared with no harm and no chemical composition.

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