Why Chinese New Year so long ?

First of all, the Chinese new year is about to coming , KingKar's spring festival vocation is from Feb.12th- Feb. 22nd. Wish you all have a better 2018.

Each country have many different festival in a whole year, and each country have new year holiday , but many people will ask why chinese new year so long?


Firstly it is no doubt that Chines New Year holiday have a long history and it is to celebrate the coming of New year , wish the good luck in the following year and a conclusion for the last year .


Now what I main want to talk is the family. When I was a child , I really expect the New Year Holiday , don’t need to go to school, have new dress, have many many delicious food and can set off firecrackers, buy the toys etc. However , if one of your family have not go home to spend this holiday with you . Even their is many beautiful things but can not make you really happy.


“Double missing in the festival” is the old saying in China. And everybody know there is a big popularity in China and to earn the money , the parents or adults are always work outside which is far away from home, the children are raised by her/his grandmother and grandfather. Only till the New Year coming , the outside workers are plan to back , Some need to takes 24 or 48 hours in the train and standing as the limited sitting tickets. Even tired but they are happy.


So why so long , firstly the far people need to take long time on the train or car , 5 days for back and forth.

Secondly, New Year Holiday is need to make a big purchase.

Thirdly, there is a habit called “visiting ”

The first day of New Year ,it is the outside son to visit the family and express the best wish.

The second day, it is the son-in law with daughter and child to visit the daughter’s parents.

The third day, it is the nephew and niece to visit his/her uncle and aunt .

Chinese family is a big family, so it will takes around 1 week and very busy.


Therefore , half month of holiday it is not enough for Chinese New Year Holiday .


Finally announce a holiday notice of Kingkar company. We will start our holiday from 5th-Feb to 25th-Feb. The business shipping will be smoothly till 25th-Jan .


If everybody want to start the HHO carbon cleaner business, please catch the time to contact with us. There are some activities for the order , as we need to transfer the machine to be money then buy gifts for the busy”visiting” .

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