How to save fuel?
All we all know, buying a car is very easier that use a car. 
Same car, same distance, but why my car fuel cost more than others?

Checking the following 16 ways, then you will know reason.
1. idling time is too long. Before driving, hotting car is a good habit. But the time can not be too long, better within 1 minute, idling state till the best water temperaturecoming.
2. plan a good route, runing more 1 kilometer per day consume 3 liters of gasoline in a  month.
3. driving with window open can't help fuel save. At a reasonable speed (economic speed) to open air conditioning more fuel-efficient.
4. too many items the car,  each additional 5 kg items and driving 1000 km consum 0.4 liters of fuel more, reducing the weight of each additional 1000 grams are increased by 1% of fuel consumption. Even a box of water a month will make you burn more than 1 liter of gasoline.
5. average speed, 60-90 km per hour is the most economical.
6. the tank is too full, when the body weight increase, the fuel consumption naturally high, such as often no need to fill in the urban area, each half of the best oil box.
7. often check the tire pressure, air pressure is too low , then tires contact area increases, the resistance increases the natural increase in fuel consumption.
8. a reasonable addition of oil, the car has a minimum engine oil viscosity, the lower the viscosity of the engine more fuel, fuel consumption is also lower.
9. electronic equipment, the blind use of electronic equipment will increase fuel consumption, the unused electronic equipment off, so not only fuel-efficient, the same can reduce the weight.
10. to reduce the engine idling time, in a long time to stop or wait for more than two minutes to turn off the fire.
11. slow start, fierce throttle not only increase fuel consumption, will increase the most dangerous.
12. to reduce the number of brakes, every brake will have a loss of money, brakes and tire wear and tear.
13. often pay attention to water temperature, too high or too low will increase fuel consumption, when the water temperature exceeds 95 degrees when the fuel consumption will increase by more than 30% and increase the engine loss.
14. neutral skid, EFI car do not slip skid, neutral skid not only not fuel.
15. master the timing of the shift, manual gearshift in general control in 2000 or so shift the most appropriate.
16. to maintain good driving habits, filling the appropriate fuel, regular maintenance. Hey, what do you do?

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