Do you know The details of Kingkar60?

Hydrogen energy machine kingkar60 length width and height are 465×280×480 (mm), net weight 9kg. In the operating state, the input power is single-phase 220/110V , working pressure ≤0.2MPA, rated output of 60±5%, Max. Flame Modifier Consumption 0.05L/H, water consumption of 0.06L/H. The working medium of the machine is the filtered water is treated by special or deionized water and soft water. At ambient temperature 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ can work uninterrupted.


Hydrogen energy machine working principle is to produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water, the use of hydrogen energy to accelerate the development of processing industry, the main advantages are the following: 
1, the machine is small, easy to carry and operation easier. 
2, Hydrogen gas is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, does not produce any harmful substances. 
3, the gas hydrogen gas is renewable, is an energy use can be recycled.


1, The raw material hydrogen gas is water, to use it after the combustion product is water, the hydrogen gas from the material preparation and use are a cycle having renewable. 
2, When the hydrogen-oxygen combustion, the flame temperature is heated with materials of different objects have different combustion temperatures, we call it "variable temperature characteristics." By the processing technology, the flame temperature of the hydrogen gas can vary between 125 ℃-6000 ℃. 
3, The hydrogen gas is in strict accordance with hydrogen gas mixture molar equivalent ratio of hydrogen molecular structure of water, with all other gas within the explosive characteristics can not be achieved.


1, Hydroxide energy machine in the cutting area. 
2, In addition to hydrogen energy machines used in engine deposits. 
3, Hydrogen energy machine used in non-ferrous metal welding. 
4, Hydrogen energy machines used in the pharmaceutical industry. 
5, Hydrogen energy machine in the glass industry, quartz glass processing applications. 
6, Hydrogen energy machine used in catalytic combustion.

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