How Can I Save Money After I Bought Car?

Whether shopping for a new or used car, it always made me nervous. I am not a rich man, when I needed a new (or at least new) car, I was afraid it would cost me too much and dreaded the negotiation process. I spend a lot of care when I bought my car and I save money alright.

However, it is not end rather beginning. After I bought my car, I find there are many things have to paid money. Such as fuel consumption, car washing, fixing and so on. Specially fixing, it cost a large number of my money.

Surprisingly, I learned how to save money in this aspect. Actually, if I maintain my car at first, it won’t spend too much money.

car save money

There is a saying that” Three-tenths fixing, seven-tenths maintenance.” Neither too much fuel consumption nor spent too much money on fixing, it all because of you pay a little attention on maintenance.

Too much carbon deposit will lead your car:

  • Economic performance degradation, fuel consumption increase,
  • Short of power, fast acceleration not free,
  • Start not smooth, especially in cold start,
  • Excessive exhaust emission,
  • Noise increase
  • The engine oil turns black fast or even slightly burned

So when you find these problems, that means you will spend a large number of money to fix your car.

auto mechanic

On the contrary, if you maintain your car before 20000 kilometers and make sure there no carbon deposit in your car engine, you will never face these serious problems. Compare with fixing, maintain my car just need a little money and can prolong my car’s life. If you don’t want to buy a new car or chasing the fashion like me, I suggest you do engine carbon cleaning regularly.

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