How about the development status of KingKar?

Changsha cartel Environmental Technology Limited was founded in the early twenty-first century, is an innovative enterprise has a unique advantage in the study of hydrogen energy applications. Hunan Environmental Protection Technology Co. cartel located in the beautiful Star City - Changsha, has its own production base. The company nearly 100 employees, and has two R & D team and a professional assembly team.


Changsha cartel Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a product development and design production and sales of new modern enterprise. The company respected "science and technology are primary productive forces" concept of development, through the course of half a century of development, has laid a solid technical foundation strengths to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.


In the economic globalization today, the company continues to improve its own strength to meet new challenges. With the birth of a new generation of nano-carbon hydroxide except machine to meet the international development trend of international and domestic companies to cooperate with Shake Technology Co. Waratah growing size of the company also expanded.


Changsha cartel Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will position itself in the "three years to become the first machine industry hydroxide in addition to carbon, hydrogen machine 10 years to become China's first one hundred years to become the world's first hydrogen engine" in industrial scale at the same time we continue to improve innovation, improve product quality and technology. Now has passed CE, ISO SGS and other relevant international certification, products in the domestic market at the same time look at the world, the first to enter the international market, has been successfully exported to Mexico, India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Iran, Turkey, more than 30 countries, has been widely praised by foreign friends.


Faced with international market, the cartel Changsha Environmental Protection Technology Co., give full play to their advantages in resources and personnel, and to the highest quality products and services in the global market.

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