Do you know the history of KINGKAR?

Changsha cartel Environmental Technology Limited was founded in the early twenty-first century, is an innovative enterprise has a unique advantage in the study of hydrogen energy applications. But in fact, Changsha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. cartel studied "Brown gas" so much more than the history of a few years.


Brown gas is Professor Yull Brown first proposed by Australian scientists, which is defined as "strictly in accordance with the formula water mole ratio of hydrogen and oxygen through special equipment produced by electrolysis, hydrogen gas mixture having the activity."


In 1958, Professor Brown as an electrical engineer to Australia, from began his research career. He was convinced that Jules Verne's "water and fire" theory can be achieved, after years of study, Professor Brown found that when hydrogen and oxygen are mixed in a specific ratio not only safe combustion, and pollution throughout the combustion process.


In 1970, Professor Brown invented a patented process: electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen gas mixture explosion, the gas of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in a 2: 1 ratio of precision. Professor Brown found that adhere to strict ratio, this oxyhydrogen safe mix, the result is today called Brown gas.


In 1990, Professor Brown came to China, and in China for nearly three years. He has made many trips to the Institute of Gas Technology 52 lecture Brown, Professor Huang Hunan University attaches great importance to Professor Brown every time he attended lectures and discuss several related research with Professor Brown Brown gas. Then, Professor Huang with the relevant information back to Brown gas Hunan University, led the research team of Brown gas for further study.


In 1998, Professor Huang led the research team, Professor Brown scientific and precise structural design of the electrolysis were studied, and finally succeeded in developing a Brown gas to produce safe and environmentally friendly.


In 2001, after graduating from Hunan University Huang Renhua found Brown gas development opportunities, and the establishment of the research team led by a new generation of cartel Changsha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. for further study of the gas generator Brown, shortly after the birth of the first gas generator Brown a.


In 2005, Huang Renhua found Brown not only can be used as fuel gas, it can also be used in a broader context. So Huang Renhua led the research team began working on the expansion of the study Brown gas field of use.


In 2006, Huang Renhua led the research team to obtain the relevant patents, Brown began to be used for medical gas, cutting and so on. But Huang Renhua not satisfied with this, he wants to Brown gas field for more development potential.


In 2007, Huang Renhua found that the rapid development of automotive services, in addition to carbon and cars become rigid requirements of car owners, and the current way more toxic than carbon and cumbersome, he intended to Brown gas generator used in the automotive industry, in addition to carbon.


In 2008, China's large-scale ice storm occurred, Huang Renhua disaster relief donations, and because of the financial crisis, resulting in cash flow difficulties study, research gas generator Brown therefore stagnant.


In 2009, the economic rebound, Changsha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. joined the cartel Hunan cross-border trade associations, Huang Renhua led the team to continue to study in addition to the application of carbon Brown gas car industry. But because the study has just started, a variety of problems led the company's development difficult, difficult.


In 2010, after several tests, the research team improved gas generator means Brown, Brown gases other than carbon test succeeded.


In 2011, the Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Changsha cartel invented the first automotive carbon removal Brown gas carbon removal machine, but Huang Renhua not satisfied with this, then led the team to continue to study the effect of improving vehicle other than carbon approach.


In 2012, Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Changsha cartel innovative use of nano-liquid, liquid nano-machines in addition to carbon and hydrogen used in combination, then, in addition to carbon nano hydroxide machine was born.


In 2013, in order to allow liquid to achieve the best formulation of Nano, nano-technology team began to conduct various tests and was upgraded to optimize performance.


In 2014, after several tests, the research team used in an amount of nano-liquid position using a bottle for each car. And non-toxic non-corrosive liquid nano-energy, and automotive engine after use formed peculiar dense protective film perfectly fit the Brown gas, reached an unprecedented effect in addition to carbon.


2015, and then after three years of experiments to determine hydroxide addition Nano effect after the use of safe and stable carbon machine, Changsha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. cartel product into the market, caused uproar in a small area. Six months later, in addition to carbon nano-machine attracted a lot of industry attention. In the same year, Huang Renhua became president of cross-border trade associations, and plans to promote this product to the global market, I hope more people can benefit from.


2016, in addition to carbon nano hydroxide machine market has been greatly Extension of its corporate mission, "a little less gas a little more love," along with carbon nano-machine sales in addition to mouth has been on everybody's lips. However, this is a new product, it will impact the interests of many people. Huang Renhua led the team through thick and thin, more efforts to promote their products, in addition to carbon nano-machines to enhance product performance, to "become a leader in hydrogen energy machine" business vision and work hard.

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